Pace of Play

Druid Heath Golf Club strongly endorses Ready Golf and encourages all members and visitors to adopt it in their friendly games irrespective of format.  This is a common-sense approach and all players should still ensure their own personal safety and that of other players.Agree to this before you tee off on the first hole and encourage fellow players throughout the round.


  • Tee off as soon as the group ahead is clear.
    •Player who is ready should hit (not necessarily the one with the honour).
  • Don't all cluster at one ball, go to your own ball, providing it is safe to do so and you are not in the line of play.
  • Hit when ready without delay.
  • If you see a player is ready, whether you are or not, indicate to them to go ahead.
  • Take practice swings immediately so long as you do not disturb the player that is hitting and watch their shot land to guard against the possibility of a lost ball.
  • If you are first to your ball and you are ready to safely hit, let others know you are hitting.
  • Limit lost ball search to 3 minutes .
  • Study your putt whilst others are putting.
  • If you cannot score, quit playing the hole and pick up.
Other considerations:
  • Walk and talk.
  • Position bags or trolleys to allow for quick and efficient movement off the green towards the next tee.
  • Mark scorecards at the next tee not on the green.
  • Minimise delays for ball searches and lost balls by playing a provisional ball, especially if there is a risk of being out of bounds.
  • All players in a group should make a conscious effort to carefully watch each other's shots, as well as their own, which results in less searching time and fewer lost balls.  
  • Pace of Play Policy
  • The amount of time required to complete a round of golf at Druids Heath has increased over recent years and has been of concern to the Board for some time. Slow play is detrimental to the enjoyment of all gofers, and is recognised by the R&A in the most recent of the Rules of Golf.

    We are all responsible for our own pace of play, and have the ability to influence that of our playing partners. To help members to address this, the Handicap Committee have developed a Druids Heath Pace of Play policy. As well as providing guidance on pace of play, the policy also presents the sanctions that are in place for failure to comply.

    The policy is available on the club website here and is posted on the various notice boards around the club house. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with it. 

Code of Conduct

Whilst the Rules of Golf provide generic guidance on the conduct of golfers, they cannot provide guidance with respect to the specific requirements of individual clubs. To this end, the Handicap Committee have developed a Druids Heath Code of Conduct policy which provides Druids Heath specific guidance on conduct, and also presents the sanctions that are in place for failure to comply. 

The policy is available on the club website here and is posted on the various notice boards around the club house. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with it.

Equality & Diversity Policy

Druids Heath Golf Club Ltd is committed to the principles of equality and diversity throughout its workforce, throughout its membership base and customers.

Druids Heath Golf Club Ltd considers that everyone should play their part in making golf inclusive and aims to ensure that all people, irrespective of their background, ability or Protected Characteristics, have a genuine and equal opportunity to work at the club, become a member or participate in club life.

Click here to view the policy

Buggy Policy

The club has a small number of EZGO buggies available for hire from the club professional. These can be booked in advance and are available on a first come first served basis.

We are also pleased to be able to accommodate members, visitors and guests who need to use their own ride-on buggy provided they comply with the club policy, safety instructions and are able to safely use the buggy.

If you would like to use a buggy for your round of golf, please contact the club professional in the first instance and ensure you are familiar with the club's buggy policy.

Click here to view our Buggy Policy

Women in Golf Policy

Druids Heath Golf Club is delighted to be an approved Club for the R&A "Women in Golf" Charter. In line with R&A and England Golf principles we are committed to attracting more women and girls to the sport and encouraging them to participate at every level. We aim to create a friendly environment in which to enjoy the sport. Working together we want to encourage gender balance across the golf spectrum. We want to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women in golf.

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